Infrastructure for personal data access, storage, and portability.

Personal data is the currency of the Data Economy 2.0. 

Dataswift liberates the value of personal data. Untethering it from central silos and distributing it to individual Personal Data Accounts. Fully owned, fully accessible, fully permissible.

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Benefits, Features & Resources

Personal data accounts keep private information safe from prying eyes. The Dataswift One platform provides the tools that companies use to quickly build and maintain fully-compliant personal data storage and use practices.

for Individuals

Security, ownership, and control of your private personal data.

Like a bank that securely stores your money, then pools that money to provide loans, providing service perks in exchange—think bank-issued credit/debit cards, checking account services, interest, and dividends—Personal Data Accounts can have some similarities. If you're on social media at all, you're already using this kind of exchange. 

for Individuals

for Enterprises

Securely and legally transact on sensitive customer data.

Providing customers and employees with Personal Data Accounts, companies get a fast path to compliance with built-in HIPAA, GDPR, and other privacy regulations. Plus, the time savings in setup and maintenance provides plenty of ROI reasoning for shareholders. All of that, and they can still use data shared by individuals.

for Enterprises

for Developers

Open-source dev tools for compliant auth and data storage.

With robust APIs and an SDK, developers save time building and maintaining while providing enhanced security and reducing costly liabilities for their employers. Dataswift's developer portal helps you manage, access, and process customer data using Personal Data Accounts; ethically and effortlessly, right now.

for Developers

Here’s how it works.

1. Give users a Personal Data Account

A simple, secure store for all of their Personal Data. Or simply use their existing account if they have one already.

Give back complete ownership and control over what your customer shares: from simple data to complex and regulated PII.

Personal Data Accounts

2. Quickly read and write storage and auth with ease.

Use our APIs to get permission then get and set data into customer PDAs. All of the hard work is already done.

Just ask for data whenever you need it. You can even build private functions to run on the user's Personal Data Account to process data at the edge.

Developer Resources

3. Let us worry about the legal governance.

Legally and ethically robust; always ahead of compliance; affordably scalable; and simple to get started.

With our flagship product Dataswift One or our rapid development process, Jumpstart - you'll be rebuilding relationships with your customers in no time.

Dataswift One

Get Started

Dataswift One - our flagship product allows you to issue and manage Personal Data Accounts via a simple API.

Try our API

Progressive economic and legal frameworks.

Developed upon world-leading economic, privacy, ethics and legal research, our team is defining and unlocking the benefits of the Data Economy 2.0.

Engineered to work today, and for the future.

We've made the complex simple, possible and implementable. Building on our platform makes your applications ethical by default - freeing you up to focus on creating value for your business and its customers.

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